Matt Popovich

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Planning vacations for a lifetime of memories has always been my dream.  I remember a very vivid story of my first trip to Walt Disney World as a child where my trip was sprinkled with a heavy dose of pixie dust.  There is nothing like losing your favorite Pluto stuffed animal in an elevator only to find out that Mickey knew where he was all along and he grew!  That attention to detail and service is what sets a Disney vacation a part.  I strive to carry on that level of service in my work in helping you plan your family vacation.

As a father of four, I am excited to let my children learn and grow, and explore all the wonders of Disney like I have.  In order to stay on top of all the latest, we take an annual trip to a Disney Destination, not only does it help me be a better travel partner it helps me learn through the eyes of a child!

My goal is to work just as hard for your vacation as I would my own.   I love hearing the stories of the people and families who get to experience a Disney vacation.  Let me help you with any of your vacation plans.  All my services are completely free and you will never pay more than booking with Disney directly yourself.  In fact we can often save you money by tracking the latest specials and promotions and automatically applying them right to your trip.  Even if you have already booked your Disney vacation, you can transfer it to my service and might even receive special rewards!

I want you to know that I am with you every step of the way.  Whether it is your first trip or annual family trip, rest assured that I will walk you through every detail, help you plan meals and special excursions, and be sure that your family comes home with smiles on their faces and talking about when your next trip will be!

Contact me to find out more and to discuss what you have in mind and I will help you plan the rest!

I have completed the following:

  • Graduate from the College of Disney Knowledge
  • Destination Genius onsite Disneyland Education Program

I also carry the following travel credentials:

  • Universal Parks and Resort Specialist
  • Expert Plus Certification from Royal Caribbean University of WOW as a Cruise Travel Expert
  • Bachelors of FUN from Carnival Cruise Line University
  • Sea World Parks and Entertainment Travel Specialist
  • Travel Agent Academy – Family Travel Specialist