Carrielyn Louie

My earliest Disneyland memories include long overnight drives that ended in the excitement over seeing the lights of Disneyland light the sky as we finally ARRIVED. My mother’s addiction to Disneyland is apparently genetic as I find myself daydreaming every day about that next trip.I’ve been so many times in my life I lost count years ago.

That thing about being a kid again at Disney is especially true when you’re flooded with the memories of a childhood spent at Disneyland.As a kid that distant mythical place of Walt Disney World seemed like an impossibility. As our daughter approached the age of 4 we knew we were hitting that perfect age to introduce her to the magic of Disney and since neither my husband nor I had ever been to Walt Disney World we decided to plan our first trip. I remember that very first trip being both exciting and at the same time so completely overwhelming. It never occurred to me that there might be someone out there who made it their goal in life to help others plan their first magical trips. As the saying goes, I’ve been there and done that, and I really want to relieve you of that overwhelming feeling. It’s going to be the best vacation of your life and you can rest easy knowing everything’s being taken care of.I really look forward to sharing my obsession of all things Disney with you.

No question or topic is too mundane; let’s talk about a complimentary room service breakfast of Mickey bars on a Disney cruise. Or maybe we compare notes on why we prefer one Port Orleans resort over another. Maybe prioritize our Adventures by Disney destinations or talk about our top 10 musts at the Disney parks. To dining plan or not to dining plan, that is the question, and I would love to help you hash it out.