Kimber Preece

Kimber Preece
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Hello Traveler,
I have over 25 Disney Theme Parks trips under my belt. Some to Disneyland, some to Walt Disney World. Some as a child, many as a DINK (double income, no kids), and some more as a parent of infants, toddlers, and big kids. I have planned reunions and quick weekend getaways. I am also a well-rounded traveler, and can offer you help planning any family trip you have in mind.

As a military brat, my family took many trips to many far-off places while we were stationed overseas. When we came back to the states, my mother became a travel agent. Between moving to different parts of the country and my mother’s travel knowledge, we got to know many popular tourist destinations across the country. Later in my newlywed years, I lived within driving distance of Disneyland. This is how my husband and I became Disney fans whole-heartedly. Over the years I have also taken a few cruises and traveled to Europe. Is it any wonder that I grew up to become a travel agent too?

I am glad I did. Helping families learn their options, keep their budgets, or maximize their fun is very rewarding work! Being a former engineer who loves to analyze the best way to do things, I have found that planning my clients’ trips whether to Disney, the beach, or Europe gives me challenges about which I am passionate. I love it when a client texts me that I took the stress of planning away, that they are getting excited for their trip, and later that I put them in the exact right spot at the exact right time. I grin, because I share in their excitement.

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