Nick Pasolini

Hello, My name is Nick. Most of my friends call me “Fluffy”, my kids call me Papa and my step- daughter calls me Nickel Crack.

If my wife or my mother are mad at me, its “Nicholas”. I am a dedicated husband and father of three children, ages 18, 3 and 2. I am a recent Graduate of Curry College a small Liberal arts college right outside of Boston. This fall I will be pursuing my Masters in Art Education at Boston University. I am travel specialist with an expertise in Disney Destinations located on the South Shore of Massachusetts in Carver MA. Not only can I plan the dream vacation for my neighbor, but I can plan a vacation for anyone in all fifty states and countries across the world.

My youngest memories as a fan of “everything Disney” was of course from the big screen–going to the movies and seeing the newest Disney animated release. The first one I remember seeing was Oliver and Company, and getting hooked and wanting every single movie that was released on VHS ( yes vhs, remember those?)
My first experience as a guest at Disney World is a little different than most. I was technically a Cast Member my first time stepping into any of the parks. I participated in the Walt Disney World College program in 2000 and 2001 and worked in multiple roles. After that moment I was hooked –the lights, the parades, the fireworks… OH MY. I spent every single free moment I had in the parks when I was not working, taking in all the Magic and learning as much as I possibly could to pass on to the guests that I was serving.

After my years in the College program, I have visited multiple times; none more special than my honeymoon with my amazing wife.As a former Cast Member I feel I have a better understanding of the inner workings of planning the ideal Magical Vacation for you and your loved ones. I plan each and every trip with care as if I was planning for my own family. I will go above and beyond to make sure all of your vacation needs are met– from special requests, to any allergy needs for dining, and asking multiple questions to make sure that everything that I am planning for you fits everything you could possibly dream of. I can help with every aspect of your dream Vacation, from the small details to the huge details. I cannot wait to hear from you and start booking your Magical Dream Vacation!

Agent Reviews

I would like to share with you my amazing experience working with Nick Pasolini. From the very first conversation we had planning our Disney trip, Nick treated us like family. My children have life threatening food allergies and we bought the dining plan. I explained the severity of their allergies to Nick and he went above and beyond making sure to contact each and every restaurant we were eating at to inform the cast members of the severity of their reactions if consumed. Nick was determined to get us the best of the best and he achieved this and was able to get us everything we wanted, and he was always more than happy to answer my million questions. I cannot praise him enough. I will always book through Nick no matter where we go on vacation. I thought it was very important to stress my gratitude to him by emailing you and letting you know what a fantastic travel agent he is. He treated booking our vacation as if he were booking his own. Thank you for your time and your services! ~Jenn W.

I just wanted to take the time to tell you how great Nick has been as a travel agent. I have worked with him on three different Disney trips over the last year and a half. The first trip was a large group vacation with 10 of us. The second was a Valentines Day vacation with my fiance. Nick helped us pick out the best restaurants, especially for Valentines Day. We were able to coordinate everything with our fast passes and food reservations. The most recent trip was with my best friend and Nick gave us different types of food options, allowed us to use the park hopper and just made it a great experience. Additionally, not only has Nick helped with these trips he is helping my fiance and I plan our European honeymoon. In all these situations Nick has also been within the budget that I have needed to be, answered questions quickly and easily and been great with follow up. So please let Nick know how great he is at doing what he does. ~Rebecca B.